The moment when I let it go – and sing along

A shared moment of ecstasyI’m sure I’m not alone when I saw I’ve got a lot of favourite songs. They’re the tunes that I can’t help but sing – or dance – along to. Out loud, in my head, in the street, at home, wherever.

But out of all of them, there’s one that brings out the joy to the extreme. And that’s Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen.

Yes, cue the groans from all those parents forced to listen to it over and over again, or who had the movie on repeat for the kids to watch. But even so, I bet even they found themselves humming along when Let It Go came on.

But for me, when Let It Go starts playing, there’s a whole lot more going on than humming.

Perth’s Pride festival ended on Saturday with parties at a variety of venues. Despite battling tiredness and wearing ourselves out at a wedding, Glen and I forced ourselves to use the tickets we’d pre-purchased and go meet our friends at the big street party.

Ok, we didn’t have to push ourselves too hard. The promise of time with good friends and a chance to ogle some hotties made the decision not much of a decision at all.

We arrived, danced, chatted, drank, danced some more, talked some more. And then, perhaps because it was Pride, or perhaps because I’d had a lot to drink, I requested the DJ to play Let It Go.

He accepted the request with a bemused smile, and a few songs later it blared out through the speakers into a packed crowd that lost their shit.

Many voices rose together in triumphant song. Hands shot into the air to mimic Elsa’s own actions – with much foot stamping in accompaniment.

As the song reached its climax, the energy in the room built to near hysteric levels. A shared moment of ecstasy.

But for me, there’s more going on than the song itself.

Now, sure, you might say that of course it speaks to me. Let It Go is a big gay anthem after all. It’s got drama, it’s got emotion. That’s all true, but there’s another reason.

We played it at our wedding.

Not for anything as serious as going down the aisle, just as one of the songs the DJ plays so everyone can have a dance. And despite plenty of people turning their nose up at the idea of a Disney song at a wedding, it was a real crowd pleaser, as it was on Saturday night past.

We put on quite a show for the staff.

Actions, singing, emotion.

That’s why the song holds such power for me. It’s tied directly into one of the happiest occasions of my life. If someone made a movie of our wedding, it would be part of the soundtrack.

And now, whenever anyone asks what song they should play at their wedding, Glen and I instantly recommend Let It Go. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong.

What song pushes all your joyful buttons and why?

(And I’ve included the music video below. Go on. Play it. You know you want to.)

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