An interview with vampire Olivier d’Arjou

This week on my blog I’m interviewing one of the stars of Beckoning Blood: Olivier d’Arjou. Olivier and his identical twin brother Thierry are vampires, and they’ve got a rather fraught relationship.

It wouldn’t be fraught if Thierry would just wake up to the fact that there is no one, in this world or the next, who he belongs with more than me.

And that justifies killing his lover Etienne?

Absolutely! Don’t tell me you like that do-gooder.

He has his qualities.

Olivier purses his lips. Would you choose him over me?

Depends. Would it end up with me dead?

Only one way to find out.

You’re pretty free and easy with the sexual innuendo, Olivier. Is that a coping mechanism?

Coping mechanism? Coping mechanism for what?

Well, a father who hates you, a mother who’s god-knows-where, a sister who I doubt would piss on you if you were on fire, and a brother that finds it very hard to be around you.

Olivier’s eyes narrow. I’d watch myself if I were you, de Lorne.

I don’t say any of this to upset you but I just wonder if it’s all a little much.

No. It’s not. I like sex. Scratch that. I love it. There’s nothing I like more than riding a man and making him moan and beg for me to stop and keep going. Keeping them on that edge where they are totally within my power, wanting everything I can give them. And I can give them a lot.

So would you say you’re a top or a bottom?

Haha. I love these personal questions. That’s all the human boys ever want to know, isn’t it? Top or bottom, I’m fine with either. What really matters is that I’m the one in control. No matter what they think is going on, I’m the one who calls the cumshots.

Haha. You’re too easy. I think you’ve got a bit of drool. Right there (he says, pointing to the corner of his mouth). What do you think of my coping mechanism now?

Well, it’s impressive. I’m sure you’ve got lots of happy customers.

Happy. Insane. In pieces. You name it. I’ve left a trail of satisfied lovers in my wake. Literally.

Yes, I could see where that was going. No need to be obvious.

I hate it when people are like that. Like subtlety is some kind of blessing. I want something, I go for it. I take it. I have it. I use it. And I’m satisfied. Speak clearly and everyone will get along fine, none of this dancing around the issue.

I can see you’re not one to hide your light under a bushel

Not when my light burns so goddamn bright and beautiful.

— but isn’t there one thing you keep to yourself? One secret you hide away from everyone else? Including Thierry?

You expect me to tell you? Just like that?

So there is something.

I’m not about to just spill my guts for you.

But you just said you hate dancing around the issue.

This is your issue. Not mine. If I wanted to tell you, I would. But I don’t, so I won’t. Just because I’m free and easy with some things, doesn’t mean I’ll lay down and roll over.

I bet you would.

Depends what that would get me. He raises an eyebrow suggestively.

Well, I think we’re done here for now. I hope we can chat again some day.

Next week, I’ll be interviewing Olivier’s brother, Thierry,

Good luck getting him to talk.

so make sure you stop by and see what goes on in his head.

I’ve got the inside scoop.

Will you stop interrupting?!

I know one way you can shut me up.

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