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Beckoning Blood


Beckoning BloodBonds of Blood: Book 1

A gripping, blood‐drenched saga about twin brothers, the men they love, and the enduring truth that true love never dies — no matter how many times you kill it.

Thierry d’Arjou has but one escape from the daily misery of his work at a medieval abattoir — Etienne de Balthas. But keeping their love a secret triggers a bloody chain of events that condemns Thierry to a monstrous immortality. Thierry quickly learns that to survive his timeless exile, he must hide his sensitive heart from the man who both eases and ensures his loneliness…his twin brother.

Shaped by the fists of a brutal father, Olivier d’Arjou cares for only two things: his own pleasure and his twin. But their sadistic path through centuries is littered with old rivals and new foes, and Olivier must fight for what is rightfully his – Thierry, made immortal for him alone.

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Release date: 1 May 2014 by Escape Publishing


“I have been waiting for a book and a (possible) series like this for a while and I enjoyed Beckoning Blood’s violence, vampires – they are brutal and they kill people – and I would now love to read more on the…protagonists(?) – I use that word in a loose fashion. This is a first time published author’s book and if this is anything to go by Daniel de Lorne has a very bright future as a writer ahead of him.” – 5 stars
“Folks, I will tell you that this story is not for the weak at heart. It was so wonderfully written and the emotions that flowed from the pages into me was unlike anything I have read before.” – 5 stars
“Yet another book where the marketing blurb doesn’t do it justice. The heart of Beckoning Blood by Daniel de Lorne is the struggle between the twins. … This is a vampire book you can sink your fangs into. … The next book is an automatic one click for me.” – 4 stars
“I was talking to a friend about this book and the only way I could describe the writing style is “smooth”. The words just flow along the page, I found I required very little rereading of lines which often happens to me in poorly written books. As it moves through different time periods, the language feels appropriate throughout. … I would highly recommend buying Beckoning Blood, and I find it hard to believe that this is Daniel De Lorne’s debut novel.” – 5 stars
“Daniel de Lorne has written a seductively dark and dangerous storyline where the fine line between love and hate is only a matter of blood. … Beckoning Blood is astonishing in its violence; dramatic in its presentation; passionate in its love.” – 4.75 stars
“Beckoning Blood is a centuries old roller coaster ride that spans the globe, full of debauchery, love, mystery and intrigue and I really enjoyed its rough and somewhat risqué story. I’ll happily read further books in this series.” – 4 stars
Book Chatter Cath, My Book Chatter
“This is a true gem for any paranormal book fan and I certainly did not expect such a wonderfully dark, twisted and bloody (yes, it does get pretty detailed, like the cover suggests) story to be published by Harlequin (okay, it’s by Escape Publishing, but they are uder Harlequin). I thought that this would be a fluffy vampire romance – but no. It is so much more.” – 5 stars
Book Beauty, Book Beauty
“WOW, what an amazing, thrilling, and at times, gruesome read. The ending was very unexpected for me…but still had me smiling when I finished. … Mates, I highly recommend this dark and gripping read…but not for the light hearted.” – 4 stars
“Recommended for vampire lovers. Not the fans of the glitter-in-the-sun-woe-is-me vampires, I talking about the ones the enjoy a vampire that revels in being a bloodsucker. I’m a proud fangbanger and I definitely will be reading more from this author.” – 4 stars
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